2022 Pump Fitting Manual

We have produced a new manual for 2022. We have included the new radiator flow booster and the new garden hose booster in this manual.  If you are looking to buy a radiator flow booster or a garden hose booster on this site then please refer to pages 26 to 28 of the fitting manual (see the link to the fitting manual below)

The manual has details of how to boost Fortic and Close Coupled Tanks, Megaflows (and other unvented tanks), and Combi Boilers. We also cover the old favourites such as gravity systems, electric showers, and much more.

Fitting hints which are proved and tested with customers throughout the world are shared with you in this manual. This will make fitting our pumps when there is limited room so much easier for you.

You can download this manual before you buy or at any time in the future when you click on this link – 2022 Information and Fitting Manual.