Delivery Update 15th February 2021

I am afraid that the new Radiator Flow Booster has been a victim of its own popularity since it was relaunched in October.

The stock we bought sold out in January!

We make the boosters in the UK but we are reliant on 4 watt ’silent pump motors’ from China,

I have not as yet had notification of an estimated delivery of these into the UK.

The earliest date for delivery is expected to be April/May but it could be later.

I have 15 watt motors which are to the same design and of the same durability as the new Radiator Flow Boosters but they are not as quiet as the new 4 watt motors. 

We have been selling the 15 watt V1 radiator boosters since 2014 with lots of positive feedback. Most people were happy with the performance and the noise level of the 15 watt pumps.

If you wanted to get on with the job you could buy a radiator booster now for the current price which saves you £20 and switch over to the ‘silent motor’ when it comes back into stock. It is a simple job to switch pump motors and I will offer to sell you a silent pump motor for you to switch for £20 when in stock.

I have set up these special product items to buy any of my radiator boosters at a £20 discount so if you decide to opt for the quieter pump motor when they are back in stock you are no worse off financially.

You can buy 15 Watt Radiator Flow Boosters if you SHOP NOW on this web site.

If you want to email me I will put your email on file and let you know when the new boosters are in stock again

Kind Regards

Alan Wright

Inventor of the ShowerPowerBooster