Radiator Flow Booster Installation Details

WrightChoice Radiator Flow Boosters are the perfect solution to prioritising the hot water flow to a Lazy Radiator. A radiator on a separate long run can often suffer since the resistance to flow means that other radiators get the hot water in a priority above that of the Radiator you want to get hot. This is explained in detail on pages 26 to 28 of our information manual. Your link to download our manual is given at the end of this blog.

Getting power to the Radiator Flow Booster.

Simply plug in the 12 volt power unit.

Our radiator flow booster uses 12 volts DC so its perfectly safe for  a consumer to install one without the need for an electrician. Each booster comes with a transformer which plugs into a UK standard 3 pin plug and 2 metres of cabling so the booster can be 2 metres away from the plug socket. To fit a pump at a distance over 2 metres away you can buy 3 metre low voltage extension cables and daisy chain these for up to 15 metres if you need to.

This low voltage 3m extension cable allows you to extend the power to a pump which is more than 2 metres from your plug socket

This low voltage 3m extension cable allows you to extend the power to a pump which is more than 2 metres from your plug socket

Types of Radiator Flow Boosters

V1 – The original radiator flow booster we have been selling since 2013 but with an improved pump.

V2 – A radiator flow booster which fits directly to a radiator.

V1 Radiator Flow Booster

V1 Radiator Flow Booster

Fit our chrome plated solid brass cradle on the delivery or the return to a radiator or group of radiators.  Fitting to 22mm or 15mm pipes is very simple. The cradle is 150mm long. 

Radiator Flow Booster (V2) Fits Directly on Radiator

V2 Radiator Flow Booster

V2 Radiator Flow Booster

This Radiator Flow Booster is the only choice if you find it difficult to get at the flow or return pipework. The dimensions of the flow booster are such that you can fit it in place of the lock valve. 

Controlling a Radiator Flow Booster

It is impossible to make a radiator flow booster which detects flow in order to turn on. The reason your radiator is cold is because there is no flow.

There are several options which allows the radiator to get hot when you want it to get hot. Wire it in to the power supply used by your primary circulation pump so they both come on at the same time. Manually turn the pump on when you want it. Use a radio remote to turn it on an off. Use a manual timer. Use a room thermostat, use an emersion heater thermostat. Use a wi fi heating control.

If you want it to turn on when other radiators get hot or use a room thermostat , cut and splice in a thermostatic control into the DC side of the transformer (never the AC side!)

Additional Fittings You May Require

It is advisable to fit an isolation valve so you can clean the filter or replace the motor if you should ever need to do so. I have 3 part reducers, valves which I am happy to sell. These fitting will allow you to fit to 10mm and 8mm pipes. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

2022 Pump Fitting Manual