Radiator Flow Booster – Sustainability

The radiator flow booster is an invention that follows on from the ShowerPowerBooster

Many of our original ShowerPowerBoosters have lasted over 5 years as there is no inbuilt obsolescence with our products.  We do not expect our new Radiator Flow Booster pumps to fail but there will always be a few pumps that fail early. We will always sell low cost spares rather than accept the throw away ethos of many manufacturers. If its a V2 radiator jams simply release the debris and its sorted. If you do need a replacement motor we sell these for £25. We sell a 1.5 amp 12 volt transformer for £15.

Whether it is releasing debris from a V2, cleaning the filter of a V1, or changing the motor, all of this is simple and demonstrated in the following video.