Radiator Flow Booster Trials

An initial stock of radiator flow boosters have now sold out however customers who can express an interest in buying a radiator flow booster will be contacted as soon as stock is available.

I am expecting stock to return in May/June, and when it does some improvements in appearance and presentation will be offered. The trials have been a great success so I will now invest in cosmetic improvements to the product, boxes, and a product manual.

Email me at alanderekwright@icloud.com and I will update you when I know more.

If you are desperate to get on with the job then I can offer you a radiator flow booster using stock I bought for R&D to make any version of the flow booster  you need. The pumps that are offered are pumps will give the same great results but look like someone added a cable to plug it into the transformer (because thats exactly what I did). It’s up to you and you can if you wish  buy a replacement motor when they are back in stock.