The Best Shower Head For All Systems

The WRight Choice brand ethos is to give you the best solution, and that solution could be simply to change the shower head and hose rather than fit a pump.
I sell the best shower heads and hoses to help you achieve this.

WRightChoice Shower Head

WRightChoice Shower Head

A shower head and a shower hose will never increase your pressure but they can use what pressure you have to best effect. The only way to increase your pressure is to input enenery and to do this you need a WRightChoice ShowerPowerBooster.

WRightChoice ShowerPowerBooster

WRightChoice ShowerPowerBooster

I tested and evaluated showerheads and hoses in the research laboratories of Cranfield University, and was amazed at the difference a change of shower head or hose could make to the shower flow. The best showerheads, hoses and mixers for low-pressure situations are very good and the worst very bad, but how would you know a good or bad showerhead or hose or mixer just by looking at it?

We found what works well only sell products which work well with low pressures and all systems.

• Shower Heads that maximise your showering performance whatever flow and pressure you have.

• High Flow Shower Hoses (many new shower mixers come with shower hoses with less than 10mm internal diameter).

• If you start with low pressure my pumps can be used in multiple combinations to incrementally achieve the desired objective whatever your plumbing system.

The WrongChoice
A good shower can be achieved by selling you a hydraulically inefficient showerhead, a hydraulically inefficient shower hose, a hydraulically inefficient shower mixer. As long as you also buy a big shower pump (over 20 times bigger than a SPB), you might have a good shower.

The WRightChoice
The same good shower can be achieved by selling hydraulically efficient showerheads, hoses, mixers, and a small pump.Even with the best shower hose, a shower can be spoilt by a bad showerhead.

Our showerheads give wonderful multispray patterns suitable for any type of shower system as they can be set to 6 different modes to suite personal preference and any type of shower system.
Shower hoses come in different internal diameters. A high-flow shower hose allows higher flows, and will not lose you nearly as much pressure as a small-bore shower hose. Small-bore shower hoses are sometimes cheaper and are great for small electric showers and combi-boilers with high mains pressure. Changing to a high-flow shower hose may have a huge effect. Low-flow, small-bore shower hoses are not advertised as small-bore, and many customers buy them by mistake because they do not know that 2 types of shower hose exist. If the internal diameter of the shower hose is less than 10mm diameter, then it is not a high-flow shower hose.
Showerheads for electric showers create fine jets of water and need much higher pressures to operate (minimum 1 bar = 10 metres head).

If you have 1 metre head, there are many showerheads which are designed for that pressure. They will never be as good as a boosted shower, but put a showerhead which is designed to operate on 10 metres head and the results are obvious. Buying the right showerhead is not easy unless you know what you are looking for, but ‘great for combi-boilers’ is a giveaway that it is only suitable for high-pressure systems. A good showerhead will probably have 100 jets and a multi spray pattern. People can buy many showerheads before they get it right, but a good showerhead is as important as a good shower hose or mixer.
Mixer valves blend hot and cold water to give you the right temperature for your shower. Many mixer valves can easily balance hot and cold water pressures in the ratio of 4 & 5 to 1 – others are not very good at dealing with differential pressure and will allow temperatures to fluctuate widely when someone turns a tap on or off elsewhere. Buying a cheap mixer tap is not necessarily a problem, and some of the worst performers are expensive mixer brands, because the parts of the mixers you cannot see can cause considerable head loss.