WRightChoice Water Pressure Testing Kits

To get a good shower or tap flow you need sufficient water pressure. If you do not have sufficient water pressure a SPB is the best way of getting that extra pressure.

How do you know if you already have good pressure and your problem is not a faulty tap, a poor shower head, entrained air, or a mixer shower or tap which is just not good enough.In some cases an electric shower will cut out because it has a faulty pressure switch and not because you have low pressure.

I developed a unique pressure testing kit based on a guage which screws into a standard shower hose. These allow you the customer to do a full range of dynamic and static pressure tests, simply and easily without the worry of a plumber. WRightChoice Dynamic Water Pressure Testing Kits are sold on Amazon and Ebay. As a special service to potential ShowerPowerBooster customers and for SPB customers who have bought my pumps and are still having problems, I am happy to loan the pressure gage for a static water test.

The customer can carry out the static water test without the need for a plumber. If you can screw in and unscrew you own shower head, you can unscrew the shower head and screw in the test gage.

Test Gage Adapted To Screw Directly into Shower Hose

Test Gage Adapted To Screw Directly into Shower Hose (adaptation not shown)

The Test & Interpreting The Results
Testing the static pressure at the shower head (do these steps in the precise order below or you may get residual pressures which may differ from actual pressures).

1.0 Turn the shower valve to off.
2.0 Remove the shower head.
3.0 Screw in the pressure gage.
4.0 Turn the shower valve to full cold
5.0 Record the cold water static pressure

6.0 Turn the shower valve to off.
7.0 Release any residual pressure if needed by partially unscrewing the pressure guage
3.0 Screw in the pressure gage tight.
4.0 Turn the shower valve to full hot
5.0 Record the hot water static pressure

This gives you the static pressure.
If you run a single SPB you will get 0.5 to 0.6 bars additional pressure.
If you double boost with a SPB you will get 1.0 to 1.2 bars additional pressure.

The above test will only give you the static pressure, however with the WRightChoice Dynamic Pressure Testing Kit, and very basic plumbing ability, you can test the capacity of an incoming water service.

Example Use For WRightChoice Dynamic Water Pressure Testing Kit.
An Combi Boiler needs 1.0 bars in order to work.
My Combi Boiler stops working after I turn it on.

Incoming static pressure = 1.5 bars

Cut in the 15mm All Flanged Compression Tee upstream of the combi boiler position.
Attach the hose and pressure testing gage.
Record the pressure and pressure drop for various flow rates.

1.0 If pressure remains greater than 1.0 bars at flows up to 12 litres a minute then the Combi boiler has a faulty pressure gage.
2.0 If the pressure falls below 1.0 bars then a SPB can boost the pressure (we can advise on this).

WRightChoice Dynamic Testing Kit.

WRightChoice Dynamic Testing Kit.

At the end of testing simply leave the tee in place, remove the hose and gage we provide, and cap off with the blank we provide