Cyprus Market Research

In Cyprus boosting pre-1995 gravity solar siphon systems could benefit 80% of homes and commercial premises in Cyprus and is the key application for initial exports.

The reason that the micro pump is so competitive is that the patented use of the micro pump for selective boosting of showers beside the non-return valve means that competitive pumps can only achieve the same effects by making their pumps inherently inefficient plus in Cyprus the larger pumps which normally compete in the UK are not an economically viable option for pre-1995 solar siphon systems due to the fragility of such systems and the difficulty in achieving reliability in larger pumps.

Many people in Cyprus have radiators and under-floor heating so there is a market in respect to radiator boosting, plus the applications normally found in the UK for the SPB are the same in Cyprus as they are in the UK. Domestic solar thermal exists on 95% of homes, photovoltaic solar on domestic homes (PV) appears on less than 10% of homes.

80% of homes have solar thermal siphon gravity systems (those installed before 1995).

I have compared the SP22S with a typical ‘competitive’ pump in Cyprus.

The Solar Micro Pump vs a typical 'competitive' pump.

The Solar Micro Pump vs a typical ‘competitive’ pump.