The Greenest Home In Norfolk

The Greenest Home In Norfolk
Being concerned for the environment does not have mean that you live in a tent in a forest and travel by roller skates.

To create a sustainable future we can adopt solutions such as harvesting rainwater, solar thermal heating, wood burners integrated into central heating systems and much more.

I am an inventor and I am committed to developing low cost practical solutions in my own home.

You are welcome to get involved

Alan Wright
Inventor of the ShowerPowerBooster
12th March 2018


Rain Water Harvesting

In my own home, from May 2017, I was collecting all the rain water falling on the house and garage.

It is stored and after settlement and filtration this rain water can be used for the washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, showers, baths, and hand washing.

Despite the treated rainwater being perfectly safe to drink, all water which is used to brush teeth, used for cooking, or for drinking, in my home, will be supplied with mains water.

Despite living in one of the driest parts of the UK with an average of 650mm of rain a year, because of the area of roof above my house and outbuildings, I can collect 14m x 14m x 650mm of water = 127.4 tomes of water every year.

100 tonnes of water a year = £500 in water saved.


Wood Burner For Hot Water and Central Heating

With the temperature and pressure upgrades carried out by Flowflex in July 2014 the showerPowerBooster is now ideal for any central heating system including the extremely high unregulated temperatures you may get from a wood burner.  The linking of a wood burner to a traditional gas boiler heating system becomes so very easy.

The ShowerPowerBooster can withstand a sustained pressure of 40 metres head and temperatures of 120 degrees centigrade. The same radiators used by the gas boiler to heat a home can be heated with a wood boiler. The same hot water cylinder heated by the gas boiler can be heated by the wood burner.


Solar Thermal
I invented a solar thermal system, which was capable of giving me 100% hot water from Early April to Late October. The system so very much more efficient compared with currently available systems. It includes two 225 litre heat stores which store enough hot water for a bath 3 days after the last rays of sunshine. I even heated a central heating radiator to 65 Degrees Centigrade on Boxing Day four years ago, but my wife objected to the pipework which rather spoilt the decorative qualities of the underside of our stairs – so it’s gone.

In winter the power of the sun can be used for central heating, it is used in Cyprus for central heating. In the UK in the winter the amount of hot water you can generate is much reduced but the 10 M2 of hot water collectors on the roof sized for the spring, summer, and autumn will significantly contribute to the pre-heating of hot water for showers and baths.


Instant Hot Water Without Wasting Cold Water

This was the original use for the ShowerPowerBooster and instant hot water at taps is easy to achieve. A variation of second version of the use of a ShowerPowerBooster to  but the final innovation was improved after working at March Foods near Peterborough, so look at both videos.


Storing Electricity

The generation, distribution, and consumption of electrical energy occurs in near real-time, because as a society we haven’t developed the technology for cost-effective grid-scale storage. As a consequence, power companies have to maintain generation capacity for peak power consumption, capacity that is not needed at off-peak times.

There is no need to reduce the number of existing 13 amp plug sockets as there will be times when you might need them and there are many appliances that can be put on a timer to take power during off peak times. There seems little need to store energy for things which can use off peak electricity.

Storage of electricity collected at off peak times or harvested from the sun for appliances which must be turned on during periods of peak demand is so very cost efficient.

The need for grid supplied electricity during periods of peak demand in the Greenest Home in Norfolk could be close to zero.


Switching To Low Energy Alternatives.

LED lighting is the most obvious switch to save energy and reduce the size of the battery storage.


Solar Photo Voltaic

Generating solar electricity which peaks at mid day – a time which does not co-incide with peak demand, is simply generating power at a time it is not needed.

The government has in the past heavily subsidised the generation of solar electricity which feeds into the grid at a time that the electricity is not needed, this increases the imbalance of supply to demand. The cost of feeding the electricity back into the grid to benefit from the feed in tariff is the single most expensive part of a traditional domestic solar PV system. What is the point of making the installation so very expensive just to get a feed in tarif which your neighbour pays for through increased energy cost?


100% All Electric Car

The batteries in electric vehicles turn are well aligned with the needs of energy suppliers. As electric vehicles proliferate, they could become more and more important to the power grid, both in terms of the amount of energy they draw, and the amount of energy they can store and potentially return to the grid.

During the summer the generation of power from the solar photo voltaic system needs to find a use and recharging the batteries in the electric car is an important factor.

During the winter the generation of power from the solar photo voltaic system will be greatly reduced and the need for lighting greatly increased so discharging the batteries in the electric car during the peak tariff period is an important factor.

Although not strictly part of the ‘Greenest Home In Norfolk’, the VW Golf that sits in my garage is arguably part of the home. Is is integrated with and adds to the total energy of the home.


Grey Water Recycling
I was using grey water for watering the garden for years but when guests complained that the strawberries tasted soapy the system was decommissioned 2 years ago.

The system could be recommissioned for supplementing garden watering requirements.

Alan Wright
12th March 2019