V2 Radiator Flow Booster


V2 Radiator Flow Booster


V2 Radiator Flow Booster
Fits directly on a radiator (replacing the Lock Shield Valve).


What components are in the Box:-

x1 4 Watt radiator booster motor
x1 Chrome 15mm x 3/8 Fitting (fit to pump inlet)
x1 Chrome 15mm x 1/4 Fitting (fit to pump outlet)
x1 12 volt power supply.
x1 Fitting instructions

Simply replace the standard lock shield valve on an existing radiator with this 4 watt radiator flow booster. The radiator flow booster fits directly to a radiator on either the delivery or the return side.

From 16/1/2022 all V2 Radiator Flow Boosters are pre-assembled using PTFE tape and Fernox LS-X Sealer. Use Loctite 55 pipe sealing cord, PTFE Tape, with or without Fernox LS-X Sealer to attach the V2 to the radiator. The fittings will unscrew as Fernox is designed to allow this.

In the unlikely case the booster jams it is fully serviceable. Simply unscrewing four phillips screws on the pump allows maintenance. 1 year warranty but we expect it to last a lot longer and spare components for home repairs have been sold with all our pumps since 2012 and this together with our ethos of sustainability will continue. Replacement pump motors are sold separately

For central heating systems only

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For ease of maintenance we suggest that you fit a valve to allow isolation of the booster.
For ease of fitting we suggest you remove the radiator before fitting the booster and use the Loctite 55 tape we provide to screw the booster into the radiator.

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