WrightChoice Solar Thermal

WrightChoice Solar Thermal
The ShowerPowerBooster pumps are simply a spin off from research carried out by Alan when he produced his first solar thermal systems. The WrightChoice solar thermal systems generate over 3 times the power of a typical UK solar thermal system at 3 times the efficiency.

In spring 2016, some 5 years after Alan built his first solar thermal system, the first commercialised solar thermal panels, paid for from profits made selling pumps, were manufactured by Wrightsolar Ltd in Norfolk.

Solar Panels
Panel area available for absorbtion 1.2 M2
Maximum System Area 12.0 M2
Aluminium Body 20 year warranty
Stainless steel heat absorber 20 year warranty
Polycarbonate Lid (can be replaced as required) 10 year waranty
Absorber Efficiency (estimated) 80%

Heat Store
Typically 500 litres at 85 deg C

System Controllers
Simple and complex heat loops created by 12 volt dc pumps.

Swimming Pools
WrightChoice solar panels are robust, safe, and durable, making an excellent protective fence around swimming pools. The simplest of heat loop creates hot water for your pool whenever the sun shines.

Indirect Solar Thermal
A quiescent tank maximizes the heat collection from the solar panels and sends hot water to a heat coil within a hot water cylinder. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications where heat can be collected from walls or roofs.

Direct Solar Thermal
The ultimate in efficiency as the quiescent tank also acts as a heat store and the thermal gradient through a heat coil is eliminated. It is this system that gave Alan 100% hot water from April to October.