Alan Wright worked in the water industry for 20 years as a design engineer moving millions of gallons of water with the minimum of power. Alan is an expert water engineer with a unique aptitude for using great science to achieve practical solutions. A great idea is just a first step in the journey and after 5 years of incremental improvement the ShowerPowerBooster is now the 5 star product it deserves to be.

To purchase product sold by Alan you can visit sites dedicated to selling these products by clicking on these links. If you are interested in finding out more about the science and logistics of getting a product to market then feel free to explore this site.

WRightChoice ShowerPowerBooster
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Shower Power Booster
The ShowerPowerBooster uses 1/20th the power of traditional shower pumps to achieve a great shower and was awarded ‘Best Water Innovation’ at the Institute of Physics in 2012. With just 12 watts of power a ShowerPowerBooster can out perform a pump using 2,000 watts of power and we have sold ¬£1.25 million since appearing on Dragons Den.I wrote a true and funny account of my experience when I met the Dragons – see what you think by clicking on this link.https://www.showerpowerbooster.co.uk/blog/16th-september-dragons-den/

For those that like to understand the science which proves the claims I make then refer to the link at the bottom of the page, for those that just want a good shower without major plumbing work, and a much lower cost when compared to a traditional pump and a product with close to 100% customer satisfaction please just give it a try. We offer a full refund is you are unhappy.

The Shower Power Booster is an amazing invention which will boost all and any hot water system, gravity systems, mains water pressure systems, solar and wood burner systems, and is the only pump recommended to boost the hot from a combination boiler. Visit Showerpowerbooster.co.uk to see further details.

Shower Heads
The shower head you choose has the greatest impact on the quality of your shower.A good shower needs a nice invigorating spray pattern. To improve a poor shower you may only need to change your shower head and for most it is the first thing you should try. Tested and evaluated in the research laboratories of Cranfield University the shower heads we now sell were the best of the best. Up to 112 high powered nozzles with 6 settings maximises your showering experience and outperforms competitors.You will never get a powerful shower with only 1 metre pressure, a Shower Power Booster will quadruple the pressure and double the flow for an upstairs shower. If you current shower head kills this pressure then you will still not get a good shower – you need a good shower head.

Shower Hoses
Most consumers do not realise that there are high flow shower hoses and standard shower hoses which kill the water pressure before it get to the shower head. Many new showers kits come with inferior shower heads and hoses.

You can buy a from the WRightChoice range of Shower Heads and Hoses which are guaranteed to maximise the performance of your shower whatever the application – visit our dedicated shower head and hose website to buy the best at lowest cost. Simply click on this link to buy now

Shower Power Boosters Are Sold as Either Manual or Fully Automatic Models

Shower Power Boosters Are Sold as Either Manual or Fully Automatic Models

See for yourself how a Shower Power Booster can transform your shower:-

How a Shower Power Booster Out Performs Pumps many times bigger

WRight CHOICE Shower Power Booster & Shower Heads 2nd July 2015