You have reached the site of Shower Power Boosters, Garden Water Booster Pumps, and other products which relate to innovations From Alan Wright BSc(Hons). CEng. MICE. This site will be selling prototypes, early versions of shower power boosters, and spare parts for our current range of shower power boosters. Please email alanderekwright@icloud.com if you wish to purchase goods.

The site is currently an information portal only and sales will commence through this site in January 2018.

In common with SPB, our Garden Water Booster Pumps use high specification pumps exclusive to Alan Wright using Neodydymium rare metal magnets, ultra low friction bearings, they are brushless, and the pump rotors double up as sharpened blades to macerate vegetable matter. They are easily serviced on site with just a philips screwdriver.

Used singly they can lift water in excess of 5 metres and used in tandem to 10 metres height.

Products designed by Alan Wright are intended to amaze and delight and include the ShowerPowerBooster which uses 1/20th the power of traditional shower pumps to achieve a great shower and was awarded ‘Best Water Innovation’ at the Institute of Physics in 2012.

You can buy garden boosters and accessories for garden water booster pumps on this site. On this site we also sell off earlier models of the showerpowerboosters as a service to customers who appreciate the value of a good showerpowerbooster at a fraction of the cost of our current models.Please note that there are some early model SPB available despite these items being marked as out of stock but please email me if you want to buy one at alanderekwright@icloud.com

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Garden Water Booster Pumps 2nd July 2015