A radiator flow booster is a micro pump which gives a positive flow of hot water to any radiator any where. We sell a high performance pump which is designed to handle the high temperatures experienced in central heating systems. I use one in my own home to take high temperature hot water from my wood burner to supplement my central heating and hot water.

In a typical home the radiator flow booster is designed to work and should send hot water to all radiators. A radiator flow booster works with your existing circulation pump and boosts your flow to any radiator or group of radiators. 

The problem in many homes is that the hot water only reaches some radiators and no matter how you try a radiator or a group of radiators are cold. A well designed system will not need my radiator flow booster but if you have added a conservatory or you inherited a badly designed system and you want a hot radiator, we have the solution.

Radiator Flow Booster V1 (original) for 22mm & 15mm pipe

Radiator Flow Booster V1 (original) for 22mm & 15mm pipe

Radiator Booster (V2)

Our Radiator Flow Booster (V2) Fits on 15 mm pipe and can also fit directly on the radiator

Radiator Flow Booster (V3)

Our Radiator Flow Booster (V3) will fit and 15mm, 10mm pipe

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